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    Analyst Coverage

    Analyst reports are proprietary and are not to be distributed without approval. Following is contact information for all First Call contributing sell-side research analysts that actively cover Caterpillar.

    Caterpillar in no way endorses or adopts information contained in the reports published by these analysts. Please contact them directly for reports.

    Argus Research John Eade 646-747-5445 jeade@argusresearch.com
    Atlantic Equities Richard Radbourne 44 20 7382 2913 r.radbourne@atlantic-equities.com
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch Ross Gilardi 646-855-2454 ross.gilardi@baml.com
    Barclays Adam Seiden 212-526-2212 adam.seiden@barclays.com
    BMO Capital Markets Joel Tiss 212-883-5112 joel.tiss@bmo.com
    Buckingham Research Neil Frohnapple 212-922-2058 nfrohnapple@buckresearch.com
    Citigroup Timothy Thein 212-816-6706 timothy.thein@citi.com
    Cleveland Research Company Adam Uhlman 216-649-7241 auhlman@cleveland-research.com
    Credit Suisse Securities Jamie Cook 212-538-6098 jamie.cook@credit-suisse.com
    Daiwa Capital Markets? Jairam Nathan? 212-612-6181? Jairam.Nathan@us.daiwacm.com
    Deutsche Bank Securities Chad Dillard 212-250-8390 chad.dillard@db.com
    Evercore ISI Institutional Equities David Raso 212-446-5647 david.raso@evercoreisi.com
    Goldman Sachs Jerry Revich 212-902-4116 Jerry.Revich@gs.com
    Jefferies & Company Steve Volkmann 212-284-2031 svolkmann@Jefferies.com
    JP Morgan Securities Ann Duignan 212-622-0381 ann.duignan@jpmorgan.com
    Melius Research Rob Wertheimer 212-503-6202 Rob.Wertheimer@meliusresearch.com
    Morgan Stanley Courtney Yakavonis 617-856-8037 Courtney.Yakavonis@morganstanley.com
    Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. Noah Kaye 212-667-7936 Noah.Kaye@opco.com
    RBC Capital Markets Seth Weber 212-618-7545 seth.weber@rbccm.com
    Robert W. Baird Mircea Dobre 414-298-6138 mdobre@rwbaird.com
    Stifel Stanley Elliott 804-727-6364 elliotts@stifel.com
    Tigress Financial Partners LLC Ivan Feinseth 646-780-8901 ifeinseth@tigressfp.com
    UBS Securities Steve Fisher 212-713-8634 steven.fisher@ubs.com
    Vertical Research Partners Joe O'Dea 212-257-6182 jo@verticalresearchpartners.com
    Wells Fargo Securities Andrew Casey 617-603-4265 andrew.casey@wellsfargo.com
    William Blair Larry DeMaria 212-237-2753 LDeMaria@williamblair.com